The June 2020 Open Organization Community Report

Editor’s Notes

June 2020 marked the Open Organization community’s fifth anniversary—and it was one of the busiest months in the project’s history. We published six new articles, launched a fresh logo and brand, completed our move to a new Twitter handle @OpenOrgProject, laid the foundation of a new project home page, and hit a major release milestone. Read on for all the details. There’s never been a better time to get involved, so please consider joining the project!

Community Publications

The Open Organization community published the following materials:

Monthly Highlights

  • The community’s latest book-length resource, The Open Organization Guide to Distributed Teamwork, reached its first major project milestone in June. The community is currently polishing a “preview release” version of the book—a slimmed-down iteration that showcases some early works-in-progress on the road to a full v1.0 release (currently slated for August). Want to help proof and polish the work? Just check out the working galley proofs in the team’s repository.
  • The Open Organization project and community has a new logo, icon, and brand! You’ll see them all gracing our GitHub organization, our Twitter account, our forthcoming website, and our latest book projet—and that’s just the start! The new brand is courtesy of Red Hat’s Open Studio, who designed it through extensive community participation.
  • We’ve completed our migration to a new Twitter account, @OpenOrgProject. No loyal followers should have been left out in the cold—but please check your bookmarks just the same!

Looking Ahead

  • The next Open Organization Ambassadors meeting will occur July 09 at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET. Meeting notes are open now and available for attendee input.
  • The team behind The Open Organization Guide to Distributed Teamwork welcomes your contribution. Want to add your work to the book-in-progress? Just check out our running list of issues and pitch your own chapter.
  • Next month, we’ll be focused on launching a new community home page and site system that showcases the Open Organization project and its excellent work. Have web design experience to lend? We’d love your input.

Ambassador Notes

  • Allison Matlack writes: "Fellow Open Organization Ambassador Rebecca Fernandez and I just recorded a presentation for the Red Hat Summit Open House on July 15, which is free for all to attend if they register at Our talk is called “Discuss, debate, decide.” More details are available on the event page.
  • Ron McFarland writes: “I’m working on an article on globalization. Actually, there might be several parts to it. One will be on how to measure globalization and where open organization principles might apply. The next two parts are looking through the history of globalization to see how open organization principles have appeared, and discussing where we go from here.”
  • Ben Owens writes: “I’m still working on the #JustAskUs campaign and my workshops are picking up again (all virtual). More schools and teachers are interested in how to do more relevant and engaging activities with students!”


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