The March 2021 Open Organization Community Report

Editor’s Notes

The Open Organization community published five new articles and videos in March, and members continued preparations for Red Hat Summit. We’ve been thinking and talking about cognitive diversity, open leadership, burnout, and stakeholder capitalism. Read the full report for all the details!

Community Publications

Monthly Highlights

  • The Open Organization Ambassadors have begun preparing the community’s YouTube channel for official launch soon. Maybe you’d like a sneak peek? Check it out—and send us your feedback!

Key Discussions

  • Open Organizations and Cognitive Diversity (Series Planning): Several community members are brainstorming a new series on open organizations and cognitive diversity. Do you have interest and/or experience in this area? Why not contribute?
  • Open Leadership Definition: Another group of community members has initiated discussion of an Open Leadership Definition—a document that accompanies the Open Organization Definition and describes key tenets of leadership modeled on open organization principles. The group welcomes anyone wishing to participate in constructing the document.

Looking Ahead

  • The next Open Organization community meeting will occur Thursday, April 1 at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET. Meeting notes and agenda are now open for attendee input.
  • The Open Organization will exhibit in a virtual booth at this year’s Red Hat Summit, April 27 and 28. Community members will be on hand to interact with attendees and answer their questions about open organizational cultures. If you’re attending, be sure to stop by and see us.

Ambassador Notes

  • @ronmcfarl rites: "I have written an article series based on The Age of Sustainable Development, by Jeffrey Sachs and how open organization principles are playing a role. To generate more views, I have prepared three small presentations on the material. @Bryan and I are planning on presenting them on YouTube. This is a first for me, so some learning and practice is required. Will probably make mistakes along the way, but that is the learning process. I’ve have read the book The Business Reinvention of Japan by Ulrike Schaede. I have written a draft article on it. Japan has had to make major business model changes over the past couple of decades, and open organization principles have played a role. We can discuss what to do with it in due time. I have been reading One Belt One Road, Chinese Power Meets the World. I think open organization principles will help bring China more into the international community to solve global issues. I have written notes on this and can easily turn it into an article. Finally, I have read Stakeholder Capitalism: A Global Economy that Works for Progress, People and Planet, by Klaus Schwab, the founder of World Economic Forum that has a forum in Davos, Switzerland every year. I’m making notes on it now. In the book, there are many metrics presented that make problems more transparent.


Filed March 30, 2021 by Bryan Behrenshausen