The March 2022 Open Organization Community Report

Editor’s Notes

The Open Organization published two new resources in March. We also advanced our work on a prototype of a refreshed project website and continued discussions we initiated in our 2022 planning workshops. Read the full report for more details.

Community Publications

Monthly Highlights

  • The Open Organization community held its monthly call on March 10, 2022. Discussion included potential governance revisions, new editorial initaitives, and other ongoing projects in need of collaborators. Meeting notes are available.

Key Discussions

  • Understanding who we serve: Open Organization Ambassador Ron McFarland continues the community’s discussion of “who it serves.” Interested in helping refine the community’s sense of its “core user”? Hop in and contribute.
  • Editorial queue: Okay, so not really a “discussion” as much as an invitation! Got something you’d like to share with the community? Or looking for the next great topic you’d like to explore? Connect with our editorial calendar to propose articles or read others’ ideas.

Looking Ahead

  • The next Open Organization community call will occur April 14 at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET. A meeting agenda is now live, and anyone interested in attending may add notes and discussion items.
  • Construction of a new community website is ongoing. Anyone interested in assisting the work next month can join the project on GitHub.

Ambassador Notes

Jos Groen

Here’s a brief overview of what I’m working on:

  • Version 5 of my Open Perspective issue, “Opening Up to Leadership Talent,” is nearly finished
  • The chapter I’m writing for the new version of the Open Organization Leaders Manual is ready
  • On March 29, I’ll be recording webinars for a new series co-sponsored by HBRD and Red Hat NL, in order to invite more C-level executives to consider open approaches
  • May and June will be about moderating and broadcasting the webinars
  • In June and September, then, I expect to create a workshop on open organizational issues for C-level executives

Laura Hilliger

Here’s an update from me:

  • We Are Open Co-op launched a free library of resources and email courses. Read the post or check out Learn with WAO
  • We Are Open Co-op has capacity starting in May! We actively made some space in our schedule for something NEW, but we don’t know what it might be. Do you have a project? Get in touch!
  • Heather and I are so close to publishing a new issue of Open Perspectives
  • We’ve been tinkering on the new Open Org website too

Ron McFarland

Here’s what’s on my plate right now:

  • Open Societies: I’m working on this series of reviews on Open: The Story of Human Progress with Brook Manville. The first article (by me) has been published. I have submitted the second and final article by me to Bryan for review. Brook Manville has also finished his two-part review. After the entire series is published, maybe we can have a video discussion. I have contacted the author (Johan Norberg), and we are keeping him informed. Possibly he can join our discussion and give his views of our work.
  • Earth Day: I have read Jeremy Rifkin’s book The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The Internet of Things, the Collaborative Commons, and the Eclipse of Capitalism. I hope to tie the content to both Earth Day attention and the work of fellow ambasasdors Laura and Heather, who are writing about “social impact-focused open organizations.” It looks like there might be three parts to my article series, but we could cut it down to two after Bryan does his editing work.
  • Habits and Open Organization Principles: I have now compiled notes on the book Smart Thinking by Art Markman, which could lead to the habits of the better use of open organization principles. More than likely, I’ll be doing that writing some time after April.

Bryan Behrenshausen

I’m assisting several Open Organziation Ambassadors with their projects at the moment, including:

  • With Laura and Heather, I’m wrapping production of the latest issue in our Open Perspectives series (this one is about “social impact-focused open organizations”).
  • With Heidi, I’m writing and polishing components of the Open Leadership Assessment tool (which is really coming along nicely!)
  • With Ron, I’m editing a multi-part book review series, which we hope to see published in a week or two
  • With Jimmy and Laura, I’m assisting with general website updates
  • With Jos, I’m putting the finishing touches on a new chapter for the Open Organization Leaders Manual, which we expect to release some time in the weeks ahead.


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