The Open Leadership Definition is LIVE!

Hello everyone! Perhaps you’ve seen this in other places today, but we wanted to make sure that we share it to our lovely Announcement forum as well:

The Open Organization community is pleased to announce the release of the Open
Leadership Definition, a community-produced description of open leadership
principles and practices.

The Open Leadership Definition outlines the mindsets and behaviors that
distinguish open leaders from other types of leaders. Synthesizing pre-existing
models, collective research, expert interviews, and firsthand experience, this
collaboratively written document details the ways leading with open organization
principles helps teams become more engaged, accountable, innovative, and

The Open Leadership Definition is available immediately at

And like all resources from the Open Organization project, the Open Leadership
Definition is openly licensed and available for feedback and modification on
GitHub. More information is below.

The Open Organization community hopes this resource catalyzes additional
conversation and thoughtful leadership practice at a time when openness is
becoming more important to organizations everywhere.

About the Open Leadership Definition:

Open organizations need open leaders, people who let open principles—like
transparency, collaboration, and inclusivity—guide their approach to crafting
organizational vision, setting organizational strategy, and reinforcing
organizational culture. But what really makes open leadership different from
other styles of leadership? The Open Leadership Definition describes the
mindsets and behaviors that distinguish open leaders from other types of
leaders—what these leaders think and do to create more open organizations every
day. Openly licensed and collaboratively developed, the Open Leadership
Definition is an accessible and practical guide to becoming the type of leader
capable of motivating, assisting, and empowering others to build organizations
capable of great things.

About the Open Organization project:

The Open Organization is a community-driven project leading a global
conversation about the ways open principles change how people work, manage, and
lead. Our community members generate knowledge and share strategies for building
organizational cultures on principles like transparency, adaptability,
collaboration, inclusivity, and community.

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