The September 2019 Open Organization Ambassadors Report


{1} Editor’s Notes
{2} Ambassador Publications
{3} Site Stats
{4} Monthly Highlights
{5} Looking Ahead
{6} Ambassador Notes

{1} Editor’s Notes

Fall is upon us here in the U.S., and this season of change will certainly be the open organization community’s busiest. We wasted no time kicking it off, as we just published the newest addition to the Open Organization book series, The Open Organization Guide for Educators. On top of that, our very first multimedia series is in the works, and our community is gearing up for the All Things Open conference in Raleigh.

In September, the open organization community published four new articles, and our materials generated 15,559 page views. Moreover, books in the Open Organization series received 583 downloads.

Read on to learn more about the community’s successes this month.

Editorially yours,

{2} Ambassador Publications

Ambassadors published the following articles in September:

{3} Site Stats

Our top articles of the month were:

  1. Bryan Behrenshausen, Aria Chernik, and Ben Owens: “Lesson plans for an open education”
    Views: 558

  2. Kathleen Hayes: “3 steps to developing psychological safety”
    Views: 532

Additional metrics:

Page views for September: 15,559 (August: 12,792; July: 14,549)

Organize for Innovation downloads in September: 50 (August: 43; July: 57)
Workbook downloads in September: 36 (August: 20; July: 40)
Guide to IT Culture Change downloads in September: 52 (August: 33; July: 50)
Guide for Educators downloads in September: 334 (August: N/A; July: N/A)
Leaders Manual downloads in September: 43 (August: 32; July: 42)
Field Guide downloads in September: 47 (August: 31; July: 34)

Open Organization Definition downloads in September: 21 (August: 11; July: 25)

{4} Monthly Highlights

  • To mark back-to-school season in the U.S., the open organization community released the newest volume in the Open Organization book series, The Open Organization Guide for Educators.[1] So far the book has received roughly 330 downloads, while its landing page has been viewed more than 5,000 times. The Red Hat blog also featured two articles about the book, one of which was an edited reprint of the book’s afterword by ambassador Ben Owens.[2][3]



{5} Looking Ahead

  • The October meeting of the Open Organization Ambassadors will occur October 24 at 09:00 Eastern / 13:00 GMT / 14:00 CET. Ambassadors are welcome to shape the agenda.[1]

  • October will see the release of the open organization community’s very first multimedia series. Chronicling the story of Open Organization Ambassador Laura Hilliger’s impact at Greenpeace International, the series combines text, video, and audio to help audiences understand the power and potential of working openly. The series debuts globally on October 08.

  • The Open Organization Ambassadors will convene for an in-person workshop on October 13 when several community members will be in Raleigh for the All Things Open conference. At the half-day event, ambassadors will conduct preliminary 2020 community planning and resource brainstorming. Ambassadors not in town for the event can still participate remotely, as we’ll be broadcasting the entire event.[2]


[1] October 24, 2019 Meeting
[2] October 13, 2019 Workshop

{6} Ambassador Notes

(No ambassadors submitted notes this month.)

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