The September 2021 Open Organization Community Report

Editor’s Notes

The Open Organization community published five new articles and videos in September. The community also continued discussing a new approach to printed resources, as well as a potential new series on neurodiversity in open organizations. Meanwhile, we’ve all been thinking and reading about humanitarian open organizations, collaborative commons, open project management, sharing economies, and cooperatives. Read the full report for more details!

Community Publications

Monthly Highlights

  • Several Open Organization Ambassadors presented materials at Practical Open Source Information (POSI), a virtual conference on September 16, 2021. Read their notes below to learn more about their work.

Key Discussions

  • A new print publication series: Print materials maintainer Bryan Behrenshausen pitches an idea for a new series of community publications and seeks feedback. Review the vision, download the mockups, and send your feedback!
  • Neurodiversity in open organizations: Ambassador Sam Knuth continues seeking participants for a proposed article series on neurodiversity/divergence in open organizations, and is also considering a live video roundtable on the subject. Anyone interested should connect with Sam!

Looking Ahead

  • The next Open Organization community call will occur on October 14, 2021 at 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET. All attendees are welcome to add notes and items to the agenda.
  • The Open Organization project will be exhibiting at All Things Open 2021 in October. Attendees will be able to view and download key community resources at a virtual booth shared with the Open Source Way community.

Ambassador Notes

Ben Owens

I had a great conversation with a couple of students on Duke’s Open Design Studio Education Team about how they can use the concepts of open design and open organization principles as they work to design and implement computer science education curriculum.

Heather Leson

I presented “Update: Open Source in Humanitarian Response” at Practical Open Source Information (POSI). This included mapping open organization principles and some of the tactics.

Bryan Behrenshausen

I’m helping Jos Groen combine his recent series on open organizations and talent management into a new kind of print offering from the community. See the discussion linked above if you’d like to get involved!

Ben Cotton

I presented as part of the “Hold on loosely: Project management in open source” panel session at Practical Open Source Information (POSI).

Laura Hilliger

I recorded a podcast on frameworks including the Open Leadership Definition, and then had a guest podcast appearance, in which I spoke about open organization principles.

Ron McFarland

Here are my current activities:

  1. Presentation for OpenOrgTV: Based on my articles “Crucial lessons in building trust from a former FBI agent,” posted on 24 Jul 2018, and “Building more trustful teams in four steps” posted on 07 Aug 2018, I prepared a resentation. Bryan reviewed them, and we will record it on October 5th. I have several other presentations I’m working on which should be ready soon.

  2. Future Open Organization Communities: I have read the book The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The Internet of Things, the Collaborative Commons, and the Eclipse of Capitalism by Jeremy Rifkin. I would like to explore an article based on this book. I have a lot of notes prepared for that article. It will be mostly about Open Organization Community development, what Rifkin calls “Collaborative Commons.”

  3. The Sharing Economy: I have read The Sharing Economy: The End of Employment and the Rise of Crowd-Based Capitalism, by Arun Sundararajan. Building these sharing business models will require using open organization principles. I’ll make some notes and possibly combine this material and material from Rifkin’s book (#2 above) and put an article together, as they both are community development related.

  4. The history of being open: I am now reading Open: The Story Of Human Progress by Johan Norberg. After I finish reading it and typing up some notes, I’ll work on an article around community building.


Filed September 30 by Bryan Behrenshausen