My Why?
People deserve an open working environment that facilitates their growth, prosperity and value creation within an optimally profitable organization.

Through that transformation, the organization is connected to the potential that wants to unfold. In order to utilize this potential, creating a clear vision, direction, and identity go hand in hand with optimizing the organization and the results. This creates serenity that allows people to connect their talents, resourcefulness, and uniqueness to this direction. The continuous value created by this will ensure sustainable success. By arranging this balance between people and business, I can give the organization back to the people.

By using my ability to imagine, feel and think it is possible for me to discover which potential wants to show up. When I have a clear vision and understand what wants to happen, I can connect with it and take action.

From this vision and understanding, people and stakeholders are stimulated to discover the potential and the associated direction for themselves. I encourage them to cross conditioned boundaries and to be open to what actually wants to happen. We are entering unknown territory.

We investigate and learn forward, because every discovery leads to a new one. Until the direction and potential reveals itself bit by bit until it finally becomes clear. Deviating patterns and relationships are recognized, creating insight into the actions to be taken in practice. It is also possible to start sharing this vision, direction and insights with the collective. You invite people to (sub)consciously make a choice. And the people who want to connect do this intrinsically. When this happens, different energy will flow and the work environment is formed that facilitates growth,prosperity and value creation.

At the same time, it is essential that the organization is profitable and well performing. The process of transformation requires serenity, safety and space in business operations. For the people involved and the stakeholders. This is on the one hand about trust in you as a leader based on your sincere intention in the improvement and on the other hand building control in all aspects of business operations. You observe by the dimensions of people, market and financial control. You aim for the maximum achievable result for each phase in the development. You bring operational, tactical and strategic considerations in line with the direction, potential and result.

That complexity in conjunction with facilitating transformation and optimizing the result is what motivates me to grow, flourish and create value. This is my mission. It makes me the person, director and transformactional leader that I am. By transformactional I mean that transformation and (trans) action are integrated in my thinking and acting.