Announcing the Open Leadership Definition draft - ready for your feedback!

Help define Open Leadership!

The Open Leadership definition is available for public comment from June 2 - 18. 2021.

Open Organization Ambassadors developed a definition for Open Leadership based on pre-existing frameworks from organizations like Red Hat and Mozilla. In a truly open spirit, the Ambassadors want your input.

The Open Leadership Definition draft outlines the mindsets and behaviors unique to leaders who build open organizations and make them places where open-minded people can grow and thrive. It builds on the Open Organization definition, explaining how open leaders embody and champion open organization characteristics—like transparency, inclusivity, adaptability, collaboration, and community.

Please add your insights! You can comment on individual parts of the document, or the entire thing.

The Open Leadership Definition (Google Drive):


Feedback closes June 18, 2021.


Great work on the draft!
It is very challenging to find things to add or remove!
Thank you!

Thanks, @alexismonville. That means a lot coming from you. We’re looking forward to reading your feedback and impressions!